60" Karina Series Minimalist Shower Door with a Single Sliding Door

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Product description


Our latest shower door, featuring a sleek and minimalist design with a single sliding panel. The door is made with high-quality 3/8-inch thick tempered glass that is both durable and safe.

The frame and hardware are constructed from stainless steel, providing a strong and stable support for the glass panel. The stainless steel finish also adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the overall look of the shower door.

The glass panel is treated with a nano-coating for self-cleaning, which makes it easier to maintain and keep clean. 

Metal grey refers to the color of the stainless steel hardware. The shower door features a single panel of glass that slides open and closed. Additionally, the door can be installed to slide from either the left or right side, allowing for flexibility in design and installation.

Overall, our shower door is a perfect choice for those who appreciate simplicity and modernity. It not only adds a contemporary style to your bathroom but also provides a long-lasting and practical solution for your shower enclosure needs.