Miko's Hinges (3/8") Custom #8022

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Brushed Nickel
Matte Black
Brushed Gold

Product description

*Custom lead time is 7-12 days, excluding installation.    

*Custom lead time is 1-3 weeks, including installation.  

The enclosure can be configured to open either inward or outward.

We ensure accurate dimensions are delivered to your site with ease.

iStyle Custom Shower Doors: Infuse your bathroom with a blend of unique elegance and contemporary flair. Each door is custom-crafted to fit every detail precisely, transforming each shower into an indulgent experience.

For a custom shower door quote, please take a photo and use an editing tool or app to draw lines indicating the measurements. Be sure to clearly mark the width, height, and any other pertinent features such as the toilet and vanity.

For a quote, contact us at Office@istyleusa.com