*New JM1114-MBW-H498 (32 SQF) Acoustic Wall Panel

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Product description

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing structures designed to reduce noise and control sound in a given space. They are often used in environments like recording studios, theaters, offices, and homes to improve sound quality by minimizing unwanted reverberation and echo. Here are some key points about acoustic panels:

1. **Material**: Acoustic panels are typically made from materials with sound-absorbing properties, inside layer foam or mineral wool, Outside layer MDF. They are often covered with fabric to enhance aesthetics and protect the internal material. These panels can be non-formaldehyde, non-heavy metal, and anti-moth, ensuring safety and durability.

2. **Design**: These panels come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit different acoustical needs and interior decor. Some are designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings, while others can be freestanding. For instance, a standard panel size might be 24” w x 96” h x 7/8” d, covering 16 square feet per piece. Each box typically contains two pieces, covering a total of 32 square feet.

3. **Functionality**: Acoustic panels work by absorbing sound waves that hit them, converting sound energy into a small amount of heat through friction within the material. This helps in reducing the overall sound levels in a room and minimizing reflections that cause echoes.

4. **Soundproofing**: Commonly used in spaces where sound quality is critical, acoustic panels are found in:
   - **Recording Studios**: To provide a controlled environment for recording by reducing sound reflections and external noise.
   - **Theaters and Auditoriums**: To enhance sound clarity and audience experience.
   - **Offices and Conference Rooms**: To reduce ambient noise and improve speech intelligibility.
   - **Home Theaters and Music Rooms**: To create a better listening environment.

5. **Installation**: The effectiveness of acoustic panels depends on their placement. Strategically positioning panels at first reflection points, corners, and other problematic areas maximizes their impact.

6. **Non-Formaldehyde**: Free from formaldehyde, ensuring a safer indoor environment

7. **Eco-Friendly**: Often made from recyclable materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.verall, acoustic panels are essential tools for creating acoustically optimized environments, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

8. **Lightweight**: Easy to handle and install, reducing labor costs and construction time.


### Specifications:
- **Dimensions per panel**: 24" W x 96" H x 7/8" D
- **Coverage per panel**: 16 square feet
- **Box quantity**: 8 panels
- **Coverage per box**: 32 square feet

### Note:
- **Open Box Policy**: Opened boxes cannot be returned.