48" AH01 Series Frameless Swing Shower Door with Klearteck Treatment (Chrome)

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SKU: AH01-3276C    32" Width X 76" Height 

SKU: AH01-3676C    36" Width X 76" Height               

SKU: AH01-4076C    40" Width X 76" Height 

SKU: AH01-4476C    44" Width X 76" Height               

SKU: AH01-4876C    48" Width X 76" Height 

SKU: AH01-5476C    54" Width X 76" Height               

SKU: AH01-6076C    60" Width X 76" Height 

AH01 Installation Manual

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AH01 Hinge frameless shower enclosure that features luxurious 36" long vertical handle, creating a stunning appearance.  Exclusive glass treatment with resistant coating klearteck , for a superior protection against stains and watermark. 

Frame Type: Frameless 
Door Opening: Single Swing Door (Hinge)

Door Configuration: Reversible (Swing Door/ Fixed Panel can be Left or Right Installation)

Glass Thickness: Fixed Panel (3/8") 10MM, Swing Door (5/16") 8MM

Adjustment Width :Stainless Steel top bar trimmed to 4"

Magnetic Seal Strip: To keep door close properly & contains water

Hardware Material:C=CHROME  304 Stainless Steel

Certified Clear Glass: Certified SGCC/ANSI/CAN/CGSB/CFR Tempered Safety Glass
iStyle Exclusive Klearteck: Glass Treatment, Resistant Glass Coating, Repels Water Mark, Leaves No Water Mark.
Threshold: Minimum 3" Threshold Depth on Saddle for Proper Installation                       
Maintenance: Non-abusive Chemical, Spray with 30% Vinegar + 70% Water, Rinse Off with Warm Water, Dry with Squeegee.                                                                                                                 

10 Years Limited Warranty on All Hardware Parts, Excluded Tempered Glass, Damage Incurred During Installation, Shipping & Labor Fee.
One Year Limited Warranty on Matte Black & Brushed Gold. Excluded Tempered Glass, Damage Incurred During Installation, Shipping & Labor Fee.