2PC Miko Tub Hinge On Wall Brushed Gold Made-to-Fit Hinge Series J

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*Custom lead time 7-12 days not including installation

*Custom lead time 1-3 weeks including installation


Provide #1, #2, #3 width measurements and max ceiling height for a 66" glass fit. We'll give ideal sizes. print the bottom sheet or PDF we provide to fill the measurements: all three width, max ceiling height, hardware finished & etc.  Opening ranging from 24-26"   *Hinge on wall.  Hinge on glass . 



1-iStyle's 7island custom glass lead time 7-15 days depends on location. 

2-The shower door can be set up to open inside or outside.

Miko's Hinges Custom  shower enclosure is crafted from 304 stainless steel hinges and tempered glass with Klearteck Treatment at 3/8" thickness. It can be customized tub door to fit almost any space, with a any Width and 30"-48" Return panel. Payment must be made in advance; no returns are accepted. For exact measurements and pricing, please email order@istyleusa.com.

  A U-channel is an aluminum material with a U-shaped cross-section often used in shower door installations. It’s typically used to secure and provide support to the glass in the shower door, ensuring a proper fit and stability. And to hide the gap for uneven wall.