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Return Policy

Please note all returns and exchanges must be made through the retail stores where the item was originally purchased.  You must contact the retail store directly.

Return guidelines vary one retailer to the next. Check with the retailer where you purchased your product to determine specific return policies.  

Before opening the box, always double check the measurement size on the box & the hardware color.  remeasure your width and height. These actions make returning smoother for any retailers.

To be eligible for a return, goods must be unopened, unused, undamaged and accompanied by proof of purchase.  All returns must be done within 30days of purchases.  All damages/errors/defects must be notified within 24hours of receiving. 

 'Returns' must include the purchase date, invoice number, model number, vendors/stores where you bought it from & the reason for the return and/or exchange.

Seller will provide the customer with instructions where to send returned goods. 

Please note that customers are responsible to take the returned items to the vendor/store. 

All returned items including exchanges and defects must be brought back to iStyle Home warehouses for inspections first before any refund/exchange is given. We will contact the retail stores directly to process the refund/exchange if such is approved.

Questions About Products

Most iStyle shower door glasses are 3/8" 10mm thickness glass. The only exceptions are model S57P, ASD, BP01, NO-063676, AH01 glasses are 5/16" 8mm thickness.

Yes, all iStyle shower doors are tempered glasses with ANIS Z97.1 certified.

Klearteck is a speical iStyle resistant glass coating which repels water mark for clean look.

Use non-abuseive chemical , clean with mixed 30% vinegar and 70% water, rinse off with warm water. Dry with Squeegee.

All shower doors come with installation instructions. Installation menus are also available on (FIND YOUR MODEL THEN LOOK FOR INSTALLATION MENU). Video installations are also available on model BR01, AC23, AC88, BH01, AH01, and AYDEN.

Go to Br01 Frameless single sliding shower door with return panel, scroll down to pictures #4 & #5 "saddle template for return panel", print them out show them to constructors/builders. 
Shower door usually comes with two pieces of glasses. if one is accidently broken during installation, have the option to buy the replacement piece of tempered glass.  or istyle can provide measurements, any local customize shower door place can customize  the replacemnt piece.
We have most replacement parts incluidng hardare and waterproof vinyls available for purchases. Spare parts orders can be made through the original retail store where the item was first  purchased.  


iStyle Home has a a10 Year Limited Warranty on all hardware parts. The limited warranty do not cover tempered glass, damage incurred during installation, and labor & shipping fee.

There is a also a One Year Limited Warranty on the Matte Black & Brushed Gold shower door coatings.  Excluded tempered glass, damage incurred during installation, labor & shipping fee.

All iStyle Home led mirrors and led medicine cabinets come with a 3 Year Limited Warranty on electronic compontents. Excluded glass/ mirror, damged incurred during installation, labor & shipping fee.

All iStyle Home toilets have a 10 Year Limited Warranty on chinaware.

Warranty does not include damages incurred during installation, in-tank cleaners, labor and shipping fee.

All iStyle Home shower panels have a limited lifetime warranty on structural components and two-year warranty on mechanical components.